Rug Emergencies

Damaged oriental rug

This rug is going to need some serious repair work. Fortunately for this customer, the same artisans who have restored textiles for the DeYoung, and The Smithsonian will be handling this rug as well.

Never Use Store-Bought Spot Removers or “Carpet Cleaning” Products on Your Rugs – Even if They Claim to Be Safe

The following should be considered rug emergencies. It is critical to act promptly and effectively to avoid permanent damage to your rug.

1. Spills.

Spills of any liquid should be immediately BLOTTED (never rubbed). We advise keeping a few clean, white absorbent cloths on hand with your cleaning supplies, so that you can address spills as soon as they happen.

2. Animal Accidents, Biological Substances (blood, vomit, urine, poop, etc)

All of these are true emergencies for your rug. Biological substances can, in very little time, alter the chemical composition of the mordant and dye and result in permanent stains. You must try to remove as much of the substance as possible without rubbing - again, using a clean white cloth to blot. You may dilute the area with a little water, but do not soak the area. It is important to get the rug to a professional cleaner as soon as possible.

3. Water Damage.

Plumbing mishaps and leaky roofs can cause water damage to your rug. We have seen circumstances where an owner did not notice the rug had been saturated for several days – this can lead to color run which is nearly impossible to correct. You will need to remove as much water as possible, until you can quickly get the rug to the professional cleaner.

4. Candle Wax.

Do not attempt to remove this yourself. Damage to the fibers can occur.

5. Moths.

If you see, in your regular inspection of your rug, evidence of moths, such as their casings (which look like grains of rice) – have your rug cleaned immediately. Moths will not go away on their own. They will continue to damage your rug until the repairs become quite costly. Regular vacuuming, inspection and periodic immersion washing is your best defense.

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"Margaret and Aaron at Artisan Fine Rug Care did an excellent job cleaning and repairing my Persian carpets. Their knowledge and expertise have given me a better appreciation of my carpets. Their service and follow through is prompt, professional and the cost is reasonable. I have enjoyed doing business with them and I appreciate their involvement in the Santa Cruz County Community."

Erik R. Johnson
President & CEO
Erik’s DeliCafe, Inc.